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13 September 2005

Row 11 Pinot Noir II

SammydhipLast week I introduced you to the moda Pinot Noir, Row 11.  R11's second PN label is made of grapes from Mendocino county (85%) and San Luis Obispo (15%).  Some free advice to the folks at R11:  To increase your wine's hipster quotient even further, perhaps you could state on the label that the grapes are from the, "MC" and "Bishop of SL."  Just a thought..

The Skinny
Row11 Pinot Noir, 2002 ($24)

  • Pinot Noir - 85% from the MC and 15% from the Bishop of SL
  • A semi-transparent ruby colored wine with a wide garnet rim
  • Into the nose, computed in the brain, and output as an adjective:  Hostess Blueberry Pie.  Or, for those with more refined tastes, this Pinot offers scents of baked, sweet blueberries with a hint of caramel, vanilla, and graham (as in graham cracker)
  • The wine seems more delicate than its 14-or so% alcohol.  Decidedly medium-bodied, well balanced, and full of vibrant fruity flavors.  It doesn't have quite the depth of some Pinot Noir, but it sure is tasty.  The bottle disappeared in no time

**** (4 stars out of 5)

Row11_1The superfruity character of Row 11 means, in my opinion, its more suited to solo/aperitif sipping.  However, the hedonist in me started craving southern fried chicken or a salty/creamy twice baked potato with this vino.  All I had on hand were potato chips, and they were a divine match.  Pinot & chips; can't get any classier than that!


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