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19 September 2005

Shorter Mondovino

Winestain_1Seeing as how I'm a day late & dollar short to the Mondovino party (watched it on DVD this past weekend), allow me to present a sweet & condensed version for the 3 wine lovers who have yet to see it.

  • Traveling Wine Consultant - "Micro-oxygenate!" "Look at me!" "Micro-oxygenate!"
  • Dog in the Jurançon - "mmmmm cheese"
  • Tim Mondavi - "Communists!" "Communists!"
  • Opus One Winery Manager - "We respecto mucho the latino culturo - what with their fiestas and all."
  • Opus One Worker - *rolls eyes*
  • Mr. & Mrs. Staglin - "Capitalism is the new socialism...really."
  • Robert Parker - "hehe my bulldog just passed gas hehehe"

I've still got a bump on my noggin from Mssr. Nossiter's politico- socio-point-making bat, so perhaps I've forgotten something...

Actually, fwiw, my $0.02 is that the point of the film (with which, I agree in part) could have been made in a slightly subtler fashion.  Additionally, so much attention was paid to California & Europe (rightfully so) that the inclusion of Argentina at the end of the film seemed somewhat disjointed.  Still, I recommend seeing it, if only for the beautiful wine country vistas.

And what did I sip whilst watching?  Cantina Rotaliana di Mezzolombardo Teroldego Rotaliano DOC, 2003 ($10-ish).  It was pleasant and fruity and perhaps micro-oxygenated!


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Alder Yarrow

Nicely done beau. You have a gift for condensation.


Thanks Alder. I think a new film genre is in order: The Opiniomentary

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