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27 October 2005

10 Buck Wine Gems Booster

This month's question/meme has slowed down just a bit.  We've got a great start to the valu-shopper list of tasty, cheap wine gems.  But I want more.  Let me ask Tom of Fermentations if he's had any sock-off-knockin affordable wine lately.  So how 'bout it Mr. Wark?  And while I'm at it, I'll pose the same question to Dave of FargleSnargle.  Help a cheapskate out, would ya?

Update:  The WallaWallaWineWoman comes through for us and recommends the "House Wine."


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Oh yeah! I almost forgot, there are a few wines in the $10 range that are worth mentioning. Thank you for reminding me.

Here are a few that I’ve tasted over the last couple of years that I would buy again.

Marietta Cellars Old Vine Red Lot Number Thirty-four $10 This is by far, my favorite pizza wine. Unfortunately no one in my town is carrying it any more. So I always check for it when I travel.

I love Shiraz, especially the spicy ones from Australia! There are probably hundreds in the $10 range. Here is one that I have in my notes: 2003 Woop Woop South Eastern Australian Shiraz $9 It pairs well with spicy food, BBQ, dark chocolate and even Pistachios!

2001 Château Mas Neuf Costières de Nîmes $10 This one is quite entertaining because it seems that you get a different set of aromas and flavors every few minutes. Someone suggested that it pairs well with Chicken Parmesan.

Okay I’ll admit that I like red better than white, but I’ve enjoyed some $10 white wines as well. One that comes to mind is the 2003 Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc. It pairs well with pan seared tilapia and served with a lemon butter sauce.


Great recommends Dave. Thanks - I'll add your wines to the original ten buck gem list.

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