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27 October 2005

Apocalypse Now

This week's sign of the apocalypse.


I did it for science.  Plonk?  Yes.  But the package is a nice idea for picnic/camping wine.  If only some enterprising Spaniard, Aussie, or Napa-ite would pour some of their tasty quaffers into this box..



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You are a brave man...I've seen that before and ALMOST taken one for the team...but good sense prevails.

I'm surprised that least someone like yellow tail hasn't done this yet.


Box o' wine, that takes me back to my tasteless college days of drinking Franzia...hilarious!


Until I arrived on the scene, my in-laws always had a box of Franzia in the fridge.

I've since enlightened them some.


The Joel Gott/Three Thieves 1L Cab is actually drinkable. Not GOOD, but drinkable. It looks like a soy milk box.


I tried the 'syrup jug' version of 3thieves. It was fair. If I stumble on the soymilk box version, I'll probably give it a taste - just for kicks.

Giant Beverage

I tried the three thieves new 250 mL PG juice boxes today when i went out on a picnic and they were great. Not only were they easy to transport, i didnt have to worry about looking good while struggling to open the bottle. I just had to lift a tab. The wine tasted great too. Perfect light and crisp flavor.

Give three thieves another chance guys. The stuff is good

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