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12 October 2005

Bubbly + Food = Wow

Champagneflute_1Last night I taught the bubbly class.  It started off with a brave soul asking the question about NV - i.e. What does NV mean?  To make the point that there are no stupid questions, just stupid teachers, I related my own NV-story.

Bubbly sampled:

Flavors paired with bubbly:

Some student surprises:

  • Naturally, everyone was wowed by the Champagne.  However, I was taken aback by just how much all the students enjoyed the Prosecco with each and every flavor pairing
  • Cava & popcorn is going to be the hot new movie snack for several netflix fanatics
  • Words like frizzante, liqeur de tirage , and pupitres are fun to say (not to mention the word gyropalette)


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