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04 October 2005

Kiwi PG, Alligator Pears, and Gigondas

Gigondas_2I've become a Perrin family blog addict.  In my opinion, this is the perfect implementation of a blog for a winery.  The blog is updated frequently (in both French and English) and the family provides interesting insight into their harvest strategy (along with great photos).  And most importantly, this blog has piqued my interest in Perrin wine - I'll definitely buying some in the near future.  This weekend the Perrins finished their Gigondas harvest and have now moved onto Syrah in Vinsobres.  Become a vineyard voyeur - visit the Perrin's blog

Alligator Pears
Avocado_1My favorite Panamanian chef always comes up with interesting and creative posts.  Normally Chef Melissa gives us tasty recipes.  Today she's come up with an avocado-based pre-shampoo for healthy hair.  Save some avocado and make a spot of guac after indulging your hair health!

Kiwi PG
MargrainlabelOne of my favorite wine bloggers, Andrew the prolific Brit, reminded me today how much I enjoy New Zealand Pinot Gris.  The last one I tasted was Huia Pinot Gris, 2002 (from Marlborough).  His tasting note of Margrain Pinot Gris, 2004 (from Martinborough): Orange, peach, apple peel, and smoke.  What's not to like?



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