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13 October 2005

..On a jetplane

JetplaneLook up, in the sky, there.  At this moment I'm flying over purple mountains or amber waves or a kwikimart parking lot.  I find myself lucky enoug to be heading out to LI-Lenn's neck of the woods and sample his neighbors' winebounty.  Thankfully the Steelers won (I maintain that the Chargers lost due to their powder blue unis) on Monday night so he'll likely be in a good enough mood to guide me on a journey into the wines of Long Island.

We'll be joined by sometime Basic Juice wine maven, the WineGoddess (who doesn't post nearly often enough - hint, hint).  I'll do my best to moblog our wine tasting, wine shopping, and any Manhattan shenanigii in which we take part (Now, WG, there is that super Swedish concert we could attend on Saturday night!).

Now please keep your seatbelt fastened while seated.


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Drop Rachel and me a line if you guys find yourselves in town without anything to do (an unlikely proposition, no doubt - it is New York after all...)!

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