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11 October 2005

Value Viognier

Occasionally, I think good, cheap Viognier is something of a white whale.  Then I stumble on something along the lines of Smoking Loon Viognier and believe again.  Renwood has further bolstered my faith in cheap-n-good Vio'

The way I see it, most under ten-$ Viognier suffers from one of two (or both) maladies: nonexistent acidity or ultra high alcohol.  Acidity-absent Viognier feels like somebody poured some kind of syrup on the tongue.  Überalcoholic Viognier finishes off like a jar of mentholatum.  Of course if you're unlucky enough to sip a double-fault V., you might as well gargle gin martinis with your chicken tikka.

Renwoodviog_1Here's to Renwood's "Select Series" 2004 ($10) - cheap & cheerful.  Aromatic nose, well-balanced, and pleasantly tasty.

A question to fellow wine blogger Maggie, of The Wine Offensive:  Gotta cheap Viognier you might recommend?



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Hey! I read your site thru bloglines and I saw my name...weird.

My favorite under $10 Viognier right now is the Jean Luc Colombo "La Violette." JLC is an extremely reliable Rhone producer, and the "La Violette" wines (they have a Syrah, too) are from the Languedoc. It's their way to experiment with value. Flowery aromas, not overly ripe, and plenty of acidity.

I'd also give the Yalumba Y series Viognier a try, though I haven't tasted the new vintage yet.


Hi Maggie,
Thanks for the tip. I've tried the Yalumba - quite good. The JLC sounds tasty - I'll keep my eyes open for it.



Try the Jewel Viognier.. totally delicious for $10


Hi Al,
Can you tell me where Jewel Viognier hails from?


AL gives us a bit more detail on the Jewel Viognier:

It is from California. No specific area. They buy their juice from
Lodi growers.

Here's their website :

Hope that helps..


Nick Atkins

Also try 2004 Montpellier Viognier. Doesn't suffer from either of the two issues you describe *and* it's less than $5 (or was, not sure if it's available anymore)

the montpellier is the same company as two buck chuck

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