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05 October 2005

WBW#14: How You Like Me Now?

Exnumber1_5yoyoyo b.juice in the house back for a little old school rhymin on wizzle blizzle wendizzle
what? you don't think i can?  Blam!  Pow!
how you like me now?

we gonna break off a little kiwi Pinot - and it goes a little somethin like this.....hit it!

Amisfield Pinot - straight out the C.O.
for those who don't know, yo - that's Central Otago
US importer? It be Pasternak Wine Co.

dusty ruby color, thick light pink rim
let me swirl it; stick my nose down in

groovy, dude - not to be rude, but this s**t's funky, capiche?
It's got some berry fruit see, just minus the tutti

Amisfield wafts up the 'shroom & tomato
hold up, wait a sec; don't say, "uh-oh"
cause here come the cherry and the cocoa
that's a pungent vino - it's aint gonna lay low

has Big Parks rated it? 
ah what do he know? he need to check his ego
oops shouldda not said that
he'll break out his posse with the rat-a-tat, clack-clack

but let's get back to my N.Z. Pinot
take a sip, mighty fine flavor, no?
starts out crisp - then in comes the velvet slip
goes down easy as pi, which is 3.14
one more sip and this glass is done for

three-point-five stars - solid like Dinah Shore
one and a-half more - we'd see a perfect score
line up 3 Hamies then head to the store

save it for a winter's starry night
plug in some Barry White
cuddle up to your man or wife
Yeah, now sure you're right

Amisfeldpn_4The Details:
Amisfield Pinot Noir, 2003 ($~30)
From Central Otago
Get it here or here


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Dude--this has to be the funniest WBW post I've ever read! You've got some mad skillz with wine and rap. Thanks for getting Dinah Shore AND Barry White in the same rhyme. Oh, the wine sounds good too!


Thanks Jennifer.

No rhyme is complete w/o Dinah Shore & Barry White!



Please don't ever do that again.


don't hate the playa; hate the game.

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