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09 October 2005

WBW14: New (New) World Pinot Noir

NewnewpinotJens, my favorite investment banker cum wine guy, has given us a recap of WBW14: New (New) World Pinot Noir.  A few entries jumped out at me:

  1. Tim of Winecast, sampled an Alsatian Pinot Noir (perhaps bending the rules just a smidge, but providing us with a unique wine to put the old "to-try list": Domaine Hering, Pinot Noir, Alsace AC 2003 ($19)
  2. Ian of The Home Winery, went all D.I.Y. on us and made a wine; then sampled a Pinot from "Three Guys"
  3. Jessica of The Varietal gives us some interesting tidbits about Chile and the fun-to-pronounce Bio Bio Valley
  4. The Restaurant Widow took the 'New' theme literally and sampled a New Mexican Pinot-based bubbly
  5. Fork & Bottle pulled a Slovene Pinot Nero out of the hat..voila!

Head over to the Garage and read the rest of Jens' recap.


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Ian Scott

Thanks for the link! I'm having a lot of fun with this - both the home winemaking and the learning and eduation of wine and wine tasting.

I'm learning a lot just from reading blogs such as this one, and I appreciate it.


Cheers Ian. I look forward to learning more about home winemaking from you!


and I'm off to Chicago for a Movia wine dinner in a week. How do you say Yum in Slovenian?


All I know is, "Kai" - which means what? or beg pardon? ...I think/hope!

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