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17 November 2005

Beaujolais, The Video

Beauarrive_1_1Basic Juice reader, Ali, current resident of France, offers us some video commentary of today's event:

Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!

Some poo-poo Nouveau Beau as a gimmick (which it surely is).  However, I think it's a fun gimmick.  Don't expect serious wine - just pop some open and have a sip with frites or spicy sausage.


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Beaujolais has it's place, but I'll never repeat the mistake I made a couple of years ago - which was to buy a case of the (then) newly released stuff.

By the 9th bottle, I was practically choking the stuff down.

A bottle - maybe two - a year will do me just fine.


Indeed. I hold myself to a one bottle/year limit. There is such a thing as too much gimmick.


I'll buy a couple of bottles, but that's it. I shudder when I see bottles of BN on the shelves in March!


Yeah, don't you just love when they "mark it down" to $5.99 in the spring...they should pay US to take it away by that point.

I went to three shops last night...hoping to find some on opening no avail. May pick up a bottle tonight if I can find one...I always do.

Dave Brookes

I'll grab a bottle today just for the hell of it....not cheap over here in OZ though :(




Here it's around $11-$13. Too much dough in my opinion. I think the price should be around $8-$10.

Lenn - at that point they should sell it as Beaujolais Vinegarette!

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