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06 November 2005

Chambers Street Wine

Speaking of Chambers Street Wine...


I visited the shop on my last, soggy trip to NYC.  What I bought:

Odd selections, no?  I've always wanted to try a St. Gervais.  My surname (Jarvis) is the anglicized version of Gervais.  I've made up this story in my head wherein I'm the long lost relative to a lonely vineyard owner in St. Gervais.  I meet him.  He rejoices in finding a relative and then offers me his guest house whenever I visit the Rhône valley - thus making travel to France much more affordable.  Ah, wine geek fantasies.

As for the Spanish sparkling Pinot; I've always wanted to try a Pinot Noir-based Cava.  Though, now I wish I would have also purchased some Vin Jaune (If you haven't noticed, I like really odd wine).

Sadly, I saw no Wine Chicks in the store; only wine dudes.


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