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28 November 2005

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

CoadmWine sampled with Thanksgiving dinner: ......(I had zero glasses of wine for dinner!?  The reasons: 1) I was with non-drinking relatives and 2) I was in the midst of a nasty cold and really couldn't taste much of anything)

However, that night I committed what some might call a wine atrocity.  Watching season 1 of Arrested Development on DVD, I popped open Gruet Blanc de Noirs and tore open a bag of Cheetos - followed by a box of crackers and Cheez Whiz (sharp cheddar & bacon flavor!).  I laughed, I sipped, I crunched, I got a stomach ache.

The following night, I discovered that I could smell and taste.  To celebrate, I roasted a pheasant, sipped VIN’O Tscheppe Czamillonberg Sauvignon Blanc 2002 (the perfect wine for keeping the chef happy whilst preparing din din), and uncorked my St. Gervais (sadly disappointing).


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Arrested Development...The best comedy on Television since Seinfeld...and it's been cancelled. Ugh!!!


Icky! Cheetos and sparkling? Cheetos ain't food man. Thanks goodness you came to your senses with the Tscheppe and pheasant.


Tom - I'm starting a save Dr. Fünke fund! Hopefully HBO or Showtime will pick it up. I'm sure it would have a faithful cable following.

Yo TMac - Indeed Cheetos aren't food, but salty snacks definitely go with bubbly.


Isn't the cancellation of Arrested an atrocity?!!

I got the second season as soon as it came out...I think the show might be ahead of it's time..just like Sport's Night was.

I think for average viewers its just too smart. :(


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