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09 November 2005

Follow freedom!

VinliberteTom of Fermentation has already declared 2006 the year of the wine blog.  Well, I see him one declaration and raise him another:  2006 will be the Year of the Revolution - it may not be televised, but it will definitely be blogged.

The revolution of which I speak (paraphrasing another blogger’s comment from his cave) is the overthrow of the Dictatorship of Style & Taste.  For too long, a privileged few have told wine lovers & timid wine newcomers what is good.  I see wine & food blogs as key elements in breaking through any notion of a monolithic ‘best style’ of wine.

Example one:  Stephen was one of the recipients of my mini blogger-freebie project with Macari Vineyards (superbig shoutout to Lenn & Macari).  Stephen doesn’t fancy himself a wine expert.  However, he crafted an amazing wine & food pairing with Macari’s Cabernet Franc.  He didn’t rate/score the wine; yet he did clearly communicate that this wine makes for a fine dinner companion (he also got confirmation from two neighbors).

Now, if I owned a vineyard, or imported/distributed wines that I believed were of good quality & value, I might just start looking towards the wine & food blogosphere as catalysts for creating buzz.

Just sayin.

Stay tuned for more examples of the blog revolution…


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Stephen emailed me a link to his post...and I can almost taste how good a pairing that rabbit would be for the wine.

I'll be writing up the Cab Franc over the weekend...have a couple bottles knocking around my "work" shelf. Oh...and the 2005 early wine is out now too!

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