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23 November 2005

Giving Thanks

Redwine_180I'm thankful for my fellow wine bloggers; for their insight & wit..

Andrew's commemoration of 2,000 years of drinking

Cam's experience with 100 year old para

Ryan's love of Sherry

Bill's meditations on "the confluence"

Tom shedding light on wine law shenanigans

Jens' praise of honest tasting notes

Huge's obsession with Brett

Lenn's "early" tasting note

Alder stirring up the masses with an honest opinion on Nouveau

The Wine Cask bloggers & their ruminations on Thanksgiving & wine

Maggie showing us what the holiday season is really all about

Cheers all & tell me; What wine(s) will be on your Thanksgiving table?


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And a happy day to you my friend beau... may neither the turkey nor the wine be too dry..and thnaks to you for the best all around wine site on the net.


Beaujolais Nouveau and Oregon Pinot Noir for me; check out the details here

Have a great Thanksgiving, Beau.


Cam Wheeler

Happy Thanksgiving Beau and to other US wine and food bloggers.

Looking forward to reading about everyones experiences, sure to be some good wine opened.


Happy Thanksgiving!

For us, it'll be a Fronsac and St. Emilion, both from 2000.

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