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16 November 2005

Inexpensive Alsatian

Willm1What's your experience with sub-10-dollar Riesling?
What about a brand new baby 2004 Alsatian Riesling for $9.99?

I noticed Willm 2004 Riesling and almost passed it by.  My wine age bias kicked in as did my aversion to inexpensive Alsatian wine (I haven't had the best of times with them in the past).  I was pleasantly surprised.

The Skinny

Domaine Willm Riesling 2004 ($9.99)

  • Willm2_1From Alsace
  • Very pale white gold - almost water-like in appearance
  • It took Willm a few minutes to open up (admission:  I forgot it was chilling in the fridge and left it too long in the arctic weather).  As the Riesling warmed it revealed scents of mineral, citrus, and apricot
  • Light-bodied for an Alsatian Riesling.  Very well balanced with simple fruit flavors and a crisp finish

***.5 (3.5 stars out of 5)

This little jewel paired quite well with Himalayan takeout. 


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Who knew that Utah had Himalayan restaurants ;)


Believe it or not SLC has quite a diverse group of restaurants - there's Tibetan across the street from me. It's just when you get outside the city limits that it becomes rather homogeneous.


All you mountain people have to look out for each other (are there any restaurants offering Utah food in Tibet?).

As to sub-10 rieslings, I just learned about a new one coming from down under that will no doubt send chills across Alsace...


Ack! I suggest the yellowtailers name their plo..err Riesling, "Liebfrau Tail"

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