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13 November 2005

Let there be light

Power_1Via this heaven:

"Pennsylvania's seven-decade monopoly on wine sales is ending after a judge overturned the commonwealth's ban on Internet and mail-order shipments.                

Wineries from across the U.S. will be able to ship directly to residents for the first time rather than being forced to sell through state-owned stores. Pennsylvania, the only state besides Utah to maintain total control over wine and liquor sales, had argued that rejecting the ban would cost the state tax revenue."

OK wine loving Utahans, we're next.  I'm starting a local chapter of Free the Grapes.  Fight the power!


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THIS IS THE BEST NEWS I've read all day. Free the grapes! Being a Utahn by birth, however, I have to say that Beau better get used to waiting. And he's right, PA does / did have the most restrictive [Read More]



Lordy, it's about time! The monopoly on liquor sales is not the reason I left Pennsylvania, of course, but every time I go back I get Frustrated. Yes, with a capital F.

Living in France will spoil a girl.


Restricting freedom of choice with respect to wine makes me FRUSTRATED (yes all caps)

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