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07 November 2005

Let's Play L.D.S.

TastevinLet's play L.D.S. - Long Distance Sommelier.  Here's how it's done:  I take my favorite food/recipe blogs, locate a few tasty recipes and virtually pair them with a wine I've recently reviewed.  I encourage other wine bloggers to try their hands at this game.  Perhaps we'll generate some new breakthroughs in food and wine pairing.

Stephen's Shiso-Marinated Lamb Chops with Orange Curry Gastrique & Turley White Coat or  Jean Luc Colombo "La Violette" (This is one that Maggie of the Wine Offensive recommended to me.  It sounds grrreat.).  Stephen's sublime creation calls out for the Rhône trio of Viognier, Marsanne & Rousanne, or straight up Viognier - exotic, spicy, aromatic & hefty

Kate's Amaretto-Orange Pancakes & Blandy's 5 Year Old Madeira - OK, OK, you might think I'm insane.  Perhaps I am.  But I've got a hunch that the almond-orange zest quality in this Madeira will make for an interesting pairing with these griddle cakes.  Who says we can't drink Madeira at brunch?

Lex C's Thyme & Mushroom Soup & Kalin Cellars Pinot Noir - I'm a little nervous that this hefty Pinot would stomp out the soup's flavor.  However, I'll take that gamble, as I'm guessing the mushroom funk in the soup will double my funky pleasure with Kalin's bottle 'o phunk.

Anne's Cauliflower Tabbouleh (!) & Jeio Bisol Prosecco - Anne gets bonus points for making cauliflower look very appetizing. The bold flavors in this dish (red onion, pomegranate, fennel) could easily clash with many wines.  I'm thinking of amping up the flavor volume with an acidic, but restrained bubbly.

Comments, suggestions, objections, other recipes?  Get your L.D.Sommelier groove on.


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Great idea...I may start doing the same thing!

Yes, I'm a copy cat.


Are you kidding? Madeira and orange pancakes? I can't believe I've never done that. I'll lose the amaretto (bad bartending stone sour memories) and just use Madeira all around. And I have no problem drinking Madeira for breakfast.

You are my kind of wine lover. I've always found it strange that bloody marys hardly raise any eyebrows, and they contain VODKA for god's sake. So what's wrong with doing a little Madeira + pancakes? Nothin. And I'm doing it this weekend.

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