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15 November 2005

New Music Tuesday: "Z"

MmjzI enjoy listening to new music almost as much as I enjoy uncorking newly discovered wine.  This time of year usually yields an embarassment of riches on the new music tip.  Thus, henceforth, tuesdays will feature new albums that I'm currently grooving on.

Z by My Morning Jacket
- This band hails from Louisville, Ky, which in their own words is:

"an odd metro-suburban mix of stark industry and fine thoroughbreds and rock and roll fevers. "It's a place with no labels," James says. "It's not the South, it's not Chicago, and you don't think of it as you think of New York or LA. It has some Southern romanticism to it, but also a Northern progressivism, this weird urban island in the middle of the state of Kentucky that has always provided a fertile, often dark, bed."

The track, Off The Record, layers several styles & hooks: a reggae beat, 80's pop-like chorus, and Hawaii Five-O guitar hook.  It's an incredibly addictive song and a damn fine album.  Check out some of their live performances on MOKB.

Read the album review at the Onion's AV Club

Wine pairing: Something fruity and fleshy like a Spanish Monastrell


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I totally love the idea of wine and music pairings :-)


I really like what I've heard from My Morning Jacket. I had no idea they were from Louisville.


Ali - I didn't know that either until I visited MMJ's site. Somehow I assumed they were from Seattle (duh, all good indie music doesn't originate from SEA)

Carry - I've always thought things that affect mood go together (i.e. food + wine). So why not wine + music?

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