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24 November 2005

Pilgrim Sommelier

First_thanksgivingThrough painstaking research, I've uncovered the menu at the very first Thanksgiving.  I've also come across a document, which apparently contains the pilgrims' original beverage pairing suggestions.  It follows..

Wild fowl paired to........grog
Venison paired to........grog
Dried corn paired to........grog
fish jerky paired to........grog
Dessert........icegrog or eisgrog

Happy Thanksgiving.  Give thanks for what you have and, if you can, give to those less fortunate.


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Sure there's no cider there? ONE hundred years ago, the #1 drink in America was... Apple Cider!


Perhaps there was. Indeed my tongue-in-cheek paring was anachronistic. It seems grog was introduced in the mid 1700's (water + rum for sailors).

Upon further review, it appears that the pilgrims' beverage at the initial Thanksgiving of 1623 was "Fair Water."

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