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27 November 2005

Riesling Reviews From the Cave

Introducing a new category, "from the cave," by wine blogger extraordinaire, "The Caveman."  Some of Bill's work will be cross-posted here, a few pieces will be posted here exlusively, while other posts will be found on the Caveman's Wine Blog.

Mosel_saar_ruwer_1The Unity of a Grape and a Terroir
The Mosel, Riesling, and St. Urbans-Hof
(posted at The Caveman's Wine Blog)

I make no bones about it, I love German Riesling. If I win the lotto my first ridiculous expenditure will be to add the Mosel tap right next to the Hot and Cold.

I asked one of my confreres cavistes if he had tasted anything great from Germany recently. He smiled and said all of it. There exists an incredible consistency amongst the better winemakers in the region. In the best examples there is a naturally razor-sharp tension between acidity and richness, minerality and fruit. After a difficult 2003 vintage where the razor was definitely dulled and the Rieslings were too rich, it was a pleasure to taste a couple of classic 2004’s where words like aerian, fresh, steely and opulent could be tossed between smiles. Damn do they drink well.

Continue reading at The Caveman's


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