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24 November 2005

Super-Tuscan Tutelage

VinoitalianoAfter my stellar vino experience at Lupa last week, I felt the urge to crack open my Italian wine reference book, Vino Italiano - The Regional Wines of Italy.  This book is authored by Joseph Bastianich - the mind behind Lupa and his partner/wine guy for Babbo, David Lynch (not the Blue Velvet auteur). Overall the book is a great reference for the dizzying array of Italian wine regions, grapes, and cuisine.  I've been studying the handy super-Tuscan reference page, which ties the fanciful names (e.g. Sassicaia, Ornellaia, etc.) to their respective producers, along with blending info and basic notes. I heartily recommend this book for any aspiring Italian wine experts.  I also heartily recommend Lupa and Otto for aspiring Italian wine & food lovers.  I've yet to eat at Babbo, but that's on the list for my next visit to NYC.


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