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16 November 2005

There's no accounting for taste

Sigh.  I wish I could help Huge.  I really do.  But, sadly there's really no accounting for taste.  Do any surgeons know the palate-transplant procedure?


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Sigh. I expected as much (read: as little). One can't blame Huge -- he's sensitive to certain flavors, and he has a dislike of them. It's just such a shame.

(I'm trying to aviod comparisons to a certain editor of Wine Spectator who's sensitivity to TCH has proven to be a real problem for some wineries that make wonderful wines. I'm also trying to avoid mentioning that Huge can't avoid calling the sometimes pleasant aspects of 'barnyard' such a thing as "taint" as if it can't possibly be a good, or deliberate thing).


I know I have tried this wine - different vintage maybe - but it must have been pre-spittoon days as I cant seem to find the TN on the site... shame, as I cant remember what I thought (a sign of old age I guess!).


Oops - I meant TCA, not TCH. Must have still had Tom's article about Mary Jane v. Vino on my mind...


Ha. I did a double take as well - wondering what exactly I missed out on while tasting..


Thanks for the backhanded compliment, but I'm no Jim Laube - I make or break people's fortunes nor do I have a sensitivity beyond mortal powers.

Actually, if you read my notes, you will see that I didn't find the Brett levels to be offensive, but that they suppressed the other flavors like a wet blanket. I found it to be a pretty simple wine, soft tannins, no real complexity, no depth, better than average finish, nice acid, what fruit there was tasted stewed/cooked. It went down easy, but nothing that I would buy again or write home about.


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