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16 November 2005

Truffle Mortgage

Via bookofjoe:

Whitetruffle"Weighing 2 lb. 10 oz., the rare white Alba truffle (at right), described by auctioneers as "the size of a small handbag," sold for $112,000 (£64,000;€95,000) at auction on Sunday to an anonymous buyer, reportedly from Hong Kong.

That's $41,311 a pound in case you were wondering."

So the question now becomes:  Who's bringing the Barolo to this dude's house?

Nothing like dropping six figures on fungus...


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Tim Dalzell

I once found a truffle in a small wood in the lakes with the help from a friends poodle. however it wasnt in any way as big as that MONSTER! I bet the guy shat a brick when he dug that up! it looks like one of the elephant mans calcified sweetbreads. LIKE THE SITE BY THE WAY.


That is one big truffle; however, I am sure there is someone that is hungry enough to eat it.

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