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18 December 2005

7Fish Feast

Oysterssprouts_5Stephen brings us the Feast of the Seven Fishes:

"Christmas Eve in the ancient Catholic church was a vigilia di magro -- a sacred fast day, on which no meat could be consumed. This stricture has long since been lifted, although many devout Italians still fast on Christmas Eve. In Southern Italy and Sicily the tradition of a Christmas Eve feast organized around fish dishes developed over the centuries, and the tradition lives on in the Quadri-Felitti household, and these days in all regions of Italy."

And a multitude of wine pairing ideas for the fish feast are brought to you by moiCheck it out.



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What an amazing post. I'm bummed you guys waited till now. This is a definite best post for the blog awards. I told Stephen I'm printing this out and bringing to my family's Christmas. You guys are a great team. You should do this more often!! Hope you're having a great weekend.


Mona, you're too kind. Thank you for the compliments. Let us know how the food & wine work with your family. Cheers, beau

Robert Germano

Wondered across your website and just thought I'd drop you a line. First off let me introduce myself. I am Robert Germano, author of the Christmas Holiday cookbook, 'The Eve of Seven Fishes - Christmas Cooking in the Peasant Tradition'.

This is a cookbook that will entice your taste buds with simplistic, authentic Italian recipes from the Old Country.

To view all the recipes included within, please click on the link below.

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