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11 December 2005

An Embarrassment of Riches

WinecellarThe typical wine publication can be painfully boring.  I'll take wine reviews, recommendations, news and analyses from my fellow bloggers any day of the week.  A few morsels that caught my eye over the past several days:

The Caveman is always good for a head's up on unique wine.  For this week's WBW, he introduces us to a red wine from Duras in France's southwest.

The Cinnci Warehouse is looking good.  Jens took a Cali Rosé for a spin on Thanksgiving, lost it in his cavernous fridge for a couple weeks and then discovered that it still had some spunk to give.

Sit right back and read a tale, a tale of some mysterious wine named 'Bastardo,' which Mark Fisher of Uncorked purchased at TJ's.

Perhaps TJ's isn't all that bad...Quaffibility writes about numerous $12 and under bottles snagged from Joes.

What do paleontology and Aussie Riesling have in common?  I have no idea, yet Dave of Vinosense talks Riesling while a dino looks to be making a bee line for his bottle.

Speaking of Ausralian Riesling; Cam of Appellation Australia provides us the official results and the 'Cam results' from the National Riesling Challenge held this past October in Canberra.

Interested in the world's most expensive Scotch?  The Scotchblog steers the discussion in this direction: "Why is it that every time some wanker (see also: drunken, rich fool) spends way too much money on a rare bottle of Scotch, it's given so much media attention?"

Read the wine diary of Mondosapore's Terry Hughes.  And for your bilingual reading pleasure, he's offering it in Italian & English.  My favorite Italian phrase from his diary: "Tannini morbidissimi."

There are a few wine words I hateDr. Vino asks you to take the poll for wine words you want to ditch this year. Brown-spice-accented peaches anyone?

Ryan of Catavino reveals some troubling evidence of Rioja "Nouveau."  Ack!

Can you get wine at a restaurant in Lincoln County, Oklahoma?  Maybe; maybe not.  It all depends on the upcoming liquor-by-the-drink special election this Tuesday.  The folks at Ok. Wine News have the details.

The blog, 750ml, comes highly recommended by one of my favorite bloggers.  There are indeed amazingly well-written wine reviews to be found here.


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