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13 December 2005

Calling All Bloggers: Thumbs Up To You!

Hand_2 Just sending a big "thumbs up" to all of you food & wine bloggers out there. With Beau gone for only one day, I realize how much responsibility there is with this blog thing!  I feel like I’m babysitting his child: feeding it, bathing it, and making sure it doesn’t fall down the stairs.  I'm curious to know how you do it - posting interesting stuff all day, while holding down a day job that pays your wine bills.  You ALL deserve the Best Blog Award in my book!



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So I see that Beau has had to go to great lengths to get you to ACTUALLY post ;)

Maybe you can keep posting more regularly so he doesn't have to go under the knife again...what do you think? ;)


WG_I hope Beau is doing well. I didnt learn about her situation until today. The holiday season has been just crazy this year :) Hugs, and Happy Holidays from Panama!

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