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06 December 2005

More Macari & Methuselahs

More Macari
Chas the Winetaster took the Macari plunge and tried the freebie bottle of Cabernet Franc.  The meat of Chas's review:

"To my taste, the wine really demanded some food along with it – and some fatty food went perfectly"

Read the rest of the winetasting fun with Cabernet Franc here.  To summarize, we've got

What's the moral of this story?  More wineries/importers/brokers should join the conversation and see how their wine gets buzzed by the blogosphere.

More Methuselah
As I explained yesterday, a Methuselah is a large format bottle of Champagne or Burgundy - 8x bigger than the typical 750ml-er.  Below is an actual pic (click to enlarge) of Taittinger's big 'ol Methuselah.  It was opened at a party hosted by the WG in honor of her SO receiving a ProMo; alas she didn't invite ME..



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