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19 December 2005

Morellino x 2

MorellinovineyardsOne of the many things I enjoy about wine tasting is comparing my notes with someone else's palate.  Last week the Caveman wrote about a Tuscan wine from an up-and-coming region called Morellino di Scansano.  This DOC was designated in 1978 and is comprised of hilly vineyards lying slightly inland from the southwest Tuscan coast.  Mo-di-Scan's boundaries are defined in the north by the Ombrone river and in the south by the river Albenga.

The star red grape here, as it is in much of Tuscany, is Sangiovese, which the locals call Morellino.  Blending with Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon is common in these parts.

BrunimorellinoThe wine I sampled is: Bruni 'Marteto' Morellino di Scansano DOC 2003 ($15) - a juicy young one made up of 85% Sangiovese & 15% Merlot

The Caveman's wine is: MorisFarms Morellino di Scansano Reserva DOC 1999 ($41 CAD) - a well-aged, more refined Morellino containing 90% Sangiovese & 10% 'indigenous' varietals

Morismorellino_1Let's compare my notes on the young one to Bill's notes on the elder Morellino.

Bruni 2003: 'Juicy fruits' - black cherry, plum and a little blackcurrant.  I also noted very subtle notes of cedar & black licorice.

Moris 1999: "it reminded me more of a ripe Vino Nobile than Chianti, with ripe cherries and plums dominating the more leathery, tobacco notes."

Bruni 2003: Full, round & fruity describe this wine's voyage through the mouth.  Fruity berry flavors, along with some brambly character. Slightly astringent tannins and a simple finish.

Moris 1999: "Exceptional length, a neat little twist were the rosemary and red peppercorn notes on the finish Completely integrated tannins and with a slight orange tint."

Bruni 2003: Something of a juicy Chianti.  Not complex, but it does possess unique scents & flavors.  Try it with roasted chicken or pasta in tomato-based sauce.

Moris 1999: "this is a mature wine that is ready to compliment the Christmas turkey. Drink now and enjoy the rare opportunity to drink a wine at it’s apogee."

If you happen upon a Mo-di-Scan, give it a try and tell me & Bill what you think.


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I tasted the 2003 this year, too. (Scroll down from this link to Moris Farms.)

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