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19 December 2005

Mrs. Featherbottom

Johnson2Personally, I think Huge, err, St. Vini should have pulled a Mrs. Doubtfire/Mrs. Featherbottom and come back as Sally the Chardonnay Sipper.  Hey Huge/Vini why not go for the record of, "most alter-egos for a blogger in a twelve-month period!"  I'll send a case of fine Corbieres wine to celebrate your Zinquisition.

In other, less confusing news, Uncorked's Mark Dayton seems to have been a catalyst for getting cloudy Bastardo off of Trader Joes shelves.


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I missed part of that (don't get how two is a lot, but okay). Your post however, was mostly redeemed by the Mrs. Featherbottom reference.

St. "I've made a terrible mistake" Vini

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