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26 December 2005

Posts Of The Year: The Nominees (1-3)

5iveThis week I present the nominees for "Top 5 Wine Blog Posts" of 2005.  If you're one of us (i.e. wine blogger/wino), there is still time to nominate the post you think was your best effort in '05.  Get the details here.

Nominees 1-3

1. "Silver Joke" by Adam of Untangled Vine - "..All things being equal, the best Napa Cabs are amazing. They really know how to get the best out of this grape up there. Unfortunately, they aren’t worth my hard-earned money. I love to drink OPC (other people’s Cabs), but I can’t bring myself to plop down a fat C-note to pay for, not only the wine, but the inequities of man.."

2. "Tanks for the Memories" by S.B. Wineguy of Santa Barbara County Wine Notes - "..It seems that one local winemaker who makes his wine in a coop facility had a tank of Viognier ruined when someone mistakenly pumped a barrel of red wine into it.  Viognier is a very expensive wine, because no matter what you do you just get a very low yield in the vineyard.."

3. "Neal Family Vineyards, a rising star?" by Jathan of Wine Expression - "..Chances are you'll talk to the owner Mark, who'll cordially invite you to visit at a time convenient to you. Once there, you are greeted by a beautiful building flanked with poppies and dogwood.."


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