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27 December 2005

Posts Of The Year: The Nominees (4-6)

Top5Continuing with the Top 5 Wine Blog Posts of ’05, I present Nominees 4-6 (see nominees 1-3 here).  There is still time to nominate your top post…so just do it already.

Nominees 4-6

4. “Cynicism, Money, Wine and no Conscience” by Tom of Fermentation - “..This is the organization that represents the wholesalers whose most important mission over the past decade has been to prevent wine lovers from being able to buy wine direct from retailers or wineries..”

5. “Long Island Whine” by Lenn of Lenndevours - “..Just like the wines we drink, any discussion of wine prices and price-to-value ratios is always a complex and layered one. There are dozens of factors that help a winery’s management decide what to charge for its wines, including land costs, labor costs, market pressures, and supply and demand…”

6. “03 K Vintners, Walla Walla Valley En Cerise Vineyard “Ovide”  by Nilay of 750 mL - “..Is there such a thing as chocolate stew? Is there something slow-cooked in old cast iron with cocoa nibs, root vegetables, maybe a few hunks of macheted goat?..”

P.S. 90% of you who have sent in your posts preface the nomination by saying something like, "I don't really write well, but..."  Hey, we all post our writing for the entire world to see - that takes courage.  And to those who blog on a semi-daily basis, the more you post, the better you write. 

Your modesty is killing me..


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