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20 December 2005

The Best, Jerry, The Best

Numerouno_2Normally, I pride myself on being original.  However, I must admit to having this idea germinate while reading this post at ..not yet a wino.  It then blossomed while perusing the Fermentation Top 10 Top 10.  "And what is this idea?" You ask.  It is the Top 5 Wine Blog Posts of 2005.

Here's how it works:
If you're a regular wine/wine & food blogger (i.e. you post, on average, at least twice per week), nominate the post you think was your best effort this year.  It can be on any topic (as long as you tie it into wine).  But don't nominate yourself via the comments section - we want this to be a surprise.  Send me an email with a link to your golden post, along with a brief note as to why you think this is your best effort of 2005. 

You might be thinking, "What's my motivation?"  My answer to you: Fame & a fab prize.  The top 5 posts will receive a prominent month-long listing on the left-hand side of Basic Juice, and the winner of the top spot will be the lucky recipient of an amazing, top secret prize.

So dust off your archives, find your masterpiece, and email me by December, 31.

terms & conditions:
this contest is completely subjective, which means I am the judge and I'll decide who wins, dammit.  So quit your whining.


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