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18 December 2005

The Critic-Follower-Denier

CriticI've been following, with some interest, the Vinography discussion of the alleged backlash against the critic many claim to ignore - Robert Parker.  The backlash is evidenced by the results of the "Core Track Report," in which participants are asked if Parker influences their wine buying decisions.  However, Alder posits that the last thing one would do to know how big of an influence Parker is - is ask someone directly.

In other words there's this little thing he calls the "Saying - Doing Gap."  For example, many men (and I do think it's mainly men who act this way) would respond to the Parker question by saying, "Parker; ahhh. I don't listen to him.  I select wine without his help, thank you."  And if the guy happens to know a little bit more about wine, he might respond: "Parker favors those hedonistic fruit bombs.  Me; I prefer wine with more balance."  Of course, then the dude would proceed to open up his little wine notebook and begin snagging bottles rated '90' or higher by the Wine Advocate.

I think the solution is this.  We need to provide these Parker-follower-deniers with the means to become really conspicuous so that they can be easily identified.  To that end, I introduce the latest in Basic Juice schwag - the Critic-follower-denier tee:

"Robert Parker Drinks Wine Coolers*"

You see, the follower-denier wants everyone to believe that he's a Parker detractor.  But we all know he's simply in denial - with a stack of Wine Advocates under his bed.

And for further holiday wine schwag merriment, I also present the following:

Hey, I've been out of it for the last few days, I had to do something.

*The WineGoddess provided the inspiration for the wine cooler line


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Alright, you've suckered me into buying my first piece of Basic Juice swag. Can't find the Jeter version anywhere, so might as well go with this one. I'll see how it flies at the wine shop.


I knew you were easy...but you're a Basic Juice whore now! Haha...

Some good stuff here...I may have to pick up something for Xmas.

Hope you're feeling better, dude.


WG - I double-dog dare you to wear it to work. Of course, there's also the 'fruit bomb' undies to consider..

LT - Tell me the last funny wine t-shirt you saw? Uh huh; thought so. We need to bring some humor to the sober winos.


Fair enough...though Nena has a great "Wine Diva" t-shirt that she picked up locally.

Emily Bourbon

That's amazing... Sure makes gift giving easier this year!


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