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05 December 2005

Vote Early, Vote Often

VoteOk, Ok, I'm not sure about the voting often part.  However, Kate at Accidental Hedonist is hosting the competition for Best Food & Wine Blogs of the Year (and Mssr. Jack of the F&B is donating the prizzzze! for the winos).  Get on over there by Dec 16th and vote for your favorite wine blog - there are many of them.  Although I have to inform Bill, the Caveman that he is out of the running because he took the entire summer off (slacker.).  Actually, I'm just jealous - would that I had enjoyed a summerful of wine and sun. Boy, am I pasty-white...


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Damn, I knew I shouldn't have drunk that extra bottle... good on ya voting for the LennMan.. looks like a horserace between you and Tom... If it is tied i want to see some greased up sumo-style wrestling for the tiebreaker.



I'll only wrestle if I can wear my jeans-cutoff shorts under the sumo undies. I am a nevernude you know (with apologies if you've never watched the show "Arrested Development" before).


Yes, from the personal cellar of Cave de Jacques.


Jack, I may just have to start campaigning for this thing! Got any babies I could kiss?


Tom or Beau...Tom or Beau...

I'm just glad Alder isn't gonna run away with it again this year!

And thanks for the nomination...but I'm not going to get my hopes up. Me thinks me little niche blog inspires too few.


Not so fast muchambo. Your WBW efforts were what lifted my blog out of obscurity, and inspired me to try and cross over a bit into food blogger land.

The 'devours is a pioneer to me.

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