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30 January 2006

Bulles et Fromage

"Bulles et fromage."  Doesn't everything just look more sophisticated when written in French?  Bubbles and cheese; or more specifically, Champagne and creamy, melty cheese are one of my all time favorite high calorie guilty pleasures.  And when you're breaking through the fat stratosphere, why not combine four cheeses and throw in some Pancetta?  Oh what the hell; douse the concoction with some heavy cream, a few fresh herbs, some tomato sauce and corkscrew-shaped pasta (AKA Cavatappi).  The result is seriously good mac-and-cheese with Italian flair (Maccheroni Quattro Formaggi Villa D'Este - taken from this month's Gourmet)

Now, let's talk Les Bulles.

Lallementbubbles_w_1Jean Lallement et Fils Brut Champagne, NV (~$45-55)

  • A blend of Pinot Noir (80%) and Chardonnay (20%) from snazzy Grand Cru vineyards near the Champagne town of Vezernay
  • Very sultry in color - something of a copper-gold with dense medium-sized bubbles that leisurely work their way to the surface
  • The nose tells me this is my kind of bubbly.  Scents of roasted nuts, biscuits, lemon zest and an aroma I can only describe as 'subtle sea-salt'
  • In the mouth this bubbly is alternately rich & smooth and crisp & fresh.  Jean's sparkler is a prime example of why people go coo-coo for Champagne
  • This is one of the few half C-note wines that I heartily recommend without reservation

To fully appreciate this bubbly, you might consider enrolling yourself in a single-evening liquid diet program.  However, Lallement Champagne will compliment, nay improve, most any entrée you throw at it.  Needless to say, my fancified mac-and-cheese was turned to pure Ambrosia with the help of this wonderbubbly.  Yes, it's that good.

P.S. Did I mention I originally bought this bubbly simply because I dug its cool green label?  Sometimes one falls backasswards into a great purchase.

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