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10 January 2006

Chinon + Porcini Cream = TLA

Recently, I've quite enjoyed Cabernet Franc.  Yet this CF is already stealing the wine-show in 2006.  Of course my sensory nirvana was naturally enhanced by Stephen's PCL - Porcini Cream Lasagna.  This Saturday night dining experience is already filed in that special brain drawer reserved for the most excellent wine & home cooking combos.  If you can lay your hands on this Loire Valley lovely, do so at once.  And, drink it now; it's not up for cellaring much longer (as the Caveman would say, "It's at its apogee").


the pig says "oink! love my Chinon."

The Skinny
Charles Joguet 'Les Petites Roches' Chinon AOC 2002 (~$20 - available online) [imported in the US by Kermit Lynch]

  • Cabernet Franc from Chinon - a red wine producing region in France's white wine-famous Loire Valley (yes Virginia, there is red wine in the Loire)
  • Dusty ruby in color - just waiting for me to take a long sip
  • Complex & layered scents of ripe cherry, redcurrant, cedar and earth
  • Integrated and appealing flavors of cherry, red plum, savory spices and a terrific mint/eucalyptus finish.  The mouthfeel is rich but not overwhelming with pleasant, unobtrusive tannins.  As far as twenty-dollar wines go, this is just about as good as it gets.  Like I said, TLA (true love always)

**** (4 stars out of 5)

I got lucky with the Porcini Cream Lasagna.  You might also try roasted meat, poultry or even Mssr. Joguet's recommendation of fresh goat cheese.

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