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10 January 2006

Interesting Bits

News_stackA brief jaunt around the wine/beer/spirits Weblogosphere yields some interesting bits:

Glass shape or the power of suggestion?  The Australian Wine Society reports on a tasting of two wines in three differently-shaped glasses.

Mo' money. Mo' money.  Dr. V. provides figures from 2005's wine auctions.  For some reason the phrase, "there aint gonna be any middle anymore," comes to mind.

MO Warm BeerKnut tells us that a Missouri state senator is hard at work protecting the children from sub 60F beer.  Ahh democracy inaction.

Fight poverty with Whisky.  The Scotch Blog shows us how its done.

Are you a lonely wine drinker/lover/enthusiast?  Join one of the lively discussions over at Live Journal Wine.

Vermentino, a popular white grape on the Islands of Corsica and Sardinia is receiving a trial run by those try-anything Aussies.  Vinodiversity tells us who's testing the V-tino.

Forget the illuminati.  Fear the ISI (or not).  Vinosense has the details.

Down with wholesale wine mark-ups!  It's actually more complicated than that.  Mark of Uncorked explains.

Found an interesting wine-related tidbit?  Post a link in the comments.


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