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10 January 2006

Long Island + Merlot?

SonnycherLenndevours contributing columnist (and Long Island Winemaker), Charles Massoud, poses an interesting question: Should Long Island be associated with a particular variety?  A group of LI vintners posits that Merlot & Long Island wine go together like Sonny & Cher, like death & taxes, like the Patriots spanking the Steelers!  And to make things interesting, Mr. Massoud invites your comments, protests and/or questions.  If you've got an opinion on the matter, jet on over there and discuss.

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Like the Patriots spanking the Steelers, huh?

Them's fighting words Jarvis...consider yourself warned.

Seriously though, it's an interesting topic and one that I've thought about at length. My "take" is that I want to wait and see what the LI Merlot Alliance actually DOES. They SAY they aren't excluding any other varieties...but they really haven't ramped up yet. I plan to reserve judgement.

I will say that I love too many LI Cab Francs to say LI is ONLY a Merlot house...time will tell.


Alas, I think the Pats/Steelers question won't be answered this year. One or both is likely to lose this weekend.

Personally (and I'm no LI wine expert), I think it would be a big mistake to try and associate LI reds with Merlot. Not that there's anything wrong with Merlot, but styles change, tastes change, and the history of wine on the island is still young. It seems to be that the single varietal style pendulum will swing back to blends with unique character. Additionally, wine drinkers are likely to continue to become more sophisticated, which means they'll actually understand what Long Island Meritage/North Fork Red/Bordeaux Blend is.

Then again, from a marketing standpoint, it's much easier to beat the LI Merlot drum. But I think that would be selling the region's potential short.


That should read: "associate LI reds exclusively or near-exclusively with Merlot"


*waves Viking sword about Steelers comment*

Oh wait. I've no Viking blood. But, Go Stillers!

*waves in general because it's De-Lurking Week*


De-Lurking Week? What's that? Does it involve viking helmuts and lots of drinking? If so; I'm down.

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