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03 January 2006

Pössnitzberg, Ja!


The Pössnitzberg vineyard, Erwin Sabathi Winery - located in southern Styria, Austria

Sabathi Pössnitzberg Sauvignon Blanc 2003 ($35)

  • Pbergsabathi_1From Sabathi's premiere vineyard in southern Styria (Austria)
  • Light yellow-gold; nearly transparent
  • Scents of citrus, cream, nutmeg & mixed sweet spices along with hints of pepper and peach
  • Surprising balance and crisp character for the high-ish alcohol content (14%).  This wine feels both crisp and satin-smooth in the mouth.  It finishes at a leisurely pace with peach and pear flavors accented by a little pepper

**** (4 stars out of 5)

The 'Pössnitz' is wonderful now, yet feels as if it could wow me even more with a couple additional years of bottle age.  I sampled it with basic hummus, which accentuated the wine's fruit character. I also threw in a couple sweet grape tomatoes - this added some richness and sweetness to the finish.  The main event was a spicy veggie stir fry - This style of Sauvignon Blanc made for a great match.  It worked well, whereas another style, a la New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, may have been too heavy on the gooseberry end of the spectrum to compliment the flavors of soy, garlic, Cayenne and rice vinegar.


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