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02 January 2006

You Won


Chez Pim has announced the winners for the Menu for Hope II raffle.  Well over $15k was raised for UNICEF.  Many thanks to all those who donated.

And, if your name is Sheryle Kane, you are the lucky winner of the Basic Juice custom wine class.  Imagine your luck!  Drop me a line, let me know what themes might interest you and we'll get to planning one fun wine experience for you & your pals.


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oh well, that would have been a GREAT one to win. Fabulous prize Beau, one of the best, really. I entered a friend of mine for it (knowing if he won I'd get to go to the class) but unfortunately his name isnt Sheryle Kane.


No worries. Perhaps I'll start a roaming wine class program the next time I hit the road..


Be sure to stop in Lexington, Kentucky...


Better late than never - after nearly two weeks off in Austria sans internet, I returned to the US and discovered that, unless there really is a Sheryle Kane out there, I won the wine class! All told, I'm feeling like a very lucky girl today, and I don't even have jet lag.

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