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16 February 2006

Hey Pete, Eat it!

CheeseloveToday, the foodblogosphere is all a-bubble with cheese and snark.  To quote Kalyn, foodblogger/instigator:

"On Thursday a writer at Food and Wine magazine published an article about food blogs in which he talked about a few food blogs he liked, but repeatedly stated most food blogs are about as interesting as cheese sandwiches. He even picked out a random sentence from blogs he found on Food Porn Watch as  examples of why food blogs were so boring."

A little more detail on the situation from Stephen:

"Today I had a cheese sandwich...because it's Cheese Sandwich Day in the foodblogosphere! It seems that a writer (Pete Wells) for Food & Wine magazine wrote an article about food blogs that rubbed some bloggers the wrong way. It opened with a reference to a now-outdated phrase ("cheese sandwich blog") which, according to Wells, was inspired by blog entries along the lines of  " I had a cheese sandwich..." and which he says is "Webspeak for all the dear-diary scribblings that don't acknowledge, let alone describe, life outside the author's dorm room." He then went on to paint most food blogs with the cheese sandwich brush, enunciate his ideas about what a good food blog is, and refer to a few sites he thought were good (only half of them actually blogs, but who's counting?)."

I admire the response from the food blogging community.  They took Mr. Wells' swipe, parried and lunged back with some compelling cheese sandwich recipes.  Start with Stephen's Grilled Mozzarella Sandwich with Roasted Peppers and Basil or Alicat's Edam and Aged White Cheddar Sandwich.  From there, keep clicking and find a cheese sammy that suits you.  And of course, don't forget the wine.

With Stephen's creation I'll be trying a nifty Austrian St. Laurent.  With Alicat's, I'm thinking this chubby Pinot Blanc might be an interesting match.

Today, I will eat a cheese sandwich.  Cheers!



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Very fun, and a new twist I hadn't seen; the perfect wine to go with your cheese sandwich! Love it.


We're making our cheese sandwiches tonight!

To drink? I'm not sure yet...depends on what I end up making!


Kalyn - Hope you enjoyed your cheese sandwich today. And don't forget to tell Pete about it ;-p

Any cheez-n-wine breakthrus Lenn?

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