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02 February 2006

Saint Vincent Tournante

(Editor's note: Bertrand of Wine Terroirs has been gracious enough to post an article on this ages-old Burgundian tradition.  You can read the entire article at jZepp.)

Tasting crowd in a winery (caveau) in Villers La Faye

Saturday, jan 28th 2006. I know it's strange, but we (B. and I) never went to a Saint Vincent Tournante, these colourful feasts that gather thousands of wine lovers every year in the middle of the harsh winter of Burgundy. Sounds like living in Paris and never visit the Eiffel tower (I don't either). This year, we braved the fiercely cold temperatures and decided to drop there at last and enjoy.
Traditionally, the "Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevin" meets for the occasion, along with the different "Saint Vincent societies", each carrying through long processions their St Vincent statue to celebrate and attend the mass . Every year, the Chevaliers welcome new vignerons/members in the Confrerie in a colourful ceremonial.

Continue reading at jZepp.


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