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08 February 2006

Wine: No License Required

Absgourmet_redknot Our foodie friend, the Abstract Gourmet, from Western Australia (Perth, to be exact) has dipped his toe into the wine review pool.  Matt's post on Red Knot Cabernet goes to show that one needn't be a 'licensed' wine expert to articulate the wine drinking experience:

"My take on the wine would be definitely a full fruit flavour. Lots of cherry/blackberry flavours hit you in face as soon as you take that first sip, and linger until you’re ready for the next. It’s definitely full bodied. Not the kind of wine that you can drink nonchalantly… It’s big flavoured and makes you sit up and take notice. The subtle nuances and flavours of the wine are lost on me I must admit, and being an avid coffee drinker/roaster, I didn’t pick up on the roasted coffee flavour as described in the wine makers notes."

In fact, I found Matt's review of this wine quite informative and refreshing.  He's not playing to the wine geek crowd.  Rather, he has simply written about something he enjoyed drinking.  What a concept!  Cheers, Matt - and keep the wine reviews coming.  Also, seeing as how you live in Western Oz, perhaps you might introduce us to some of the wines from this region?

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