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30 March 2006

And the Winner is..

Flavorskillzwinner_w And the winner in our winner takes all, steel cage flavor death match is....strong like a bull.  In fact, it's from a place called Toro.  It takes chipotle spice and tames it with the crack of a concentrated flavor whip.  What's that?  You're concerned the asparagus might throw a wrench in the whole thing and pollute the plate with metallic flavors or odd, green weediness?  Not to worry, Tinta de Toro is on the case.  This wine's vibrant acidity, round tannins and savory spice notes, put Asparagus the Menace in the corner and make it behave like a good little vegetable.  Now, we're home-free, save for Gorgonzola toasts.  And there's nothing better than intense bleu paired to heavy-duty red wine.  It's easy as, who wants pie?

The Skinny
Bodega y Viñedos Garanza 'Cyan' Crianza 2001

  • 100% Tinta de Toro (AKA Tempranillo) from the Toro denomination in Castile y Leon (Northwest Spain)
  • Aged 14 months in 4-year old French and American oak barrels prior to bottling.
  • Deep, dark cherry in color with a distinct garnet rim.
  • Intense scents of black berries, dried cherry and pepper.
  • Full-bodied with 'chewy' tannins and bold flavor.  Intensely flavored food is a preqrequisite to handle this big, modern Spanish wine.

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