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23 March 2006


Live from Salon des Vins:
To those folks (I include myself here) who often poopoo non-grape-based wine, I say this:


AppleiceI just sampled Neige Eternelle from La Face Cachée de la Pomme, a Quebec apple & pear cider producer.  My nose & tongue fell hopelessly, madly, deeply in love with this otherworldly ice wine.  How to describe it?  Think: Your granny's fresh-outta-the-oven apple pie condensed into silky, delectable essence.  Oooo la la.

Viva la pomme!

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Oh man...I've HEARD of these apple ice wines...never even SEEN one in a shop though.

Keep us posted on the other vino-adventures!


I had never even HEARD of apple icewines until I saw an episode of Andrea Immer's show on FLN a year or so ago that covered them.

I have never seen one in stores either, but being someone that avoids most sugar in my diet, I haven't exactly been looking for them either.


I'd never heard of apple ice wine until now and I head out to Quebec often, thanks for the tip!

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