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13 March 2006

I want you.. join me on the Live Austrian Wine Adventure.  LAWA (pron. " "laa-vaah" ") is coming your way this May 15th.

What is LAWA?  I'm glad you asked.  In partnership with the good folks at Winemonger and Wines from Austria, Basic Juice will broadcast live from Austria's wine country during May and June.  And when I say broadcast, I mean broaaad-cast:  I will be publishing my experiences with the unique & diverse wines of Austria on a daily basis.  I'll also serve up the dish on Austrian cuisine, tales from Lake Neusiedl, reports from Vienna's Heurigen and snapshots of Styria - Austria's Tuscany.  But wait, there's more.  I plan to interview many of the unique personalities on the Austrian wine scene, such as Birgit Braunstein, Daniel Jaunegg and Father Denk the Wine Priest.  These interviews will be podcast through the audio wizardry of Winecast.  My goal is to make you feel as if you're sitting in the passenger seat with me as we explore the Austrian countryside.


You, dear reader, can help shape LAWA.  Tell me what you want to learn about Austria and its wine.  Tell me what would make this event of interest to you.  And don't hesitate to tell me what would bore you silly.  Drop you suggestions in the comments section and I'll do my best to make LAWA interesting.  In fact, I guaran-damn-tee that LAWA will be the most fun and exciting wine road trip you've ever experienced vicariously.

Now if you're still not convinced that LAWA is this spring's must-see event, perhaps a Top Five list will sway you.

Top Five Questions to be answered during the Basic Juice Live Austrian Wine Adventure

5. Is David Hasselhoff as popular in Austria as he is in Germany?
4. What's up with Powidl?
3. Where is the closest Wienerscnitzel?
2. Did Falco and Taco ever sing a duet?
1. Do Austrian's prefer Mendel's peas over Green giant?

Mark May 15th on your calendar.  It's going to be a wild ride.

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Austrian eh ?? Well throw another shrimp on the barbie mate... I'll be there... oh... wait a minute...


Hold tight Matt, the Australian wine adventure is coming soon ;-)


Awesome... make sure you put Margaret River on the map and I'd be happy to be an escort (high class of course :) )

Dr. Vino

Cool! I look forward to B Juice on the B Danube.

Glad you succumbed to their marketing campaign:


Excellent. Can't wait to sit next to you as you tour Austria!


Vienna is just beautiful. Visit the Wienerwald if you get a chance, too.

And hey, have a great time!


As you know I am a huge Hasselhoff fan as are know doubt the Austrians... Do you think they loved the spongebob hasselhoff ride as much as us? We'll christen your voyage with some Pichler super-gruner next week. Beau, didn't you play an extra role as a lifeguard in Bay Watch?


Bill - I was actually an 'ab double' for Hasselhoff on Baywatch..

Ali, Do you mean the forest or the chain restaurant? :)


Funny, as it happpens, I'll be visiting Vienna for a few days before LAWA, May 8-11.

Now I have a goal: to drink ALL the wine in the city before you arrive, leaving you with no choice but to review BEER.

muuwaa haa haa...


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Tell me what you want to learn about Austria and its wine.

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