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24 March 2006

Know Your Appellations: Coteaux du Giennois

Live from Salon des Vins:
Coteaux du Giennois.  Ever heard of it?  Any guesses as to where it is?

France.  Nice, Einstein.  Any idea where in France this appellation is located?

Ballandchapuisw This new-to-me region is found in the Loire Valley (Centre Loire to be exact).   Coteaux du Giennois produces white wine made from Sauvignon Blanc (or simply, "Sauvignon," if you happen to be a native French speaker).  I was introduced to the Coteaux by Domaine Balland-Chapuis.  This wine is full of lime and asparagus scents.  In the mouth, Domaine B-C possesses a split personality  - vascillating betwixt rich and racy.  Its Sauvignon-ness is emphasized through a long, grassy finish (Think: running through an alpine meadow).  Give me a plate of oysters on the half-shell, a chilled glass of Coteaux du Giennois and I'm happy as a clam.

Find it:
Domaine Balland-Chapuis Coteaux du Giennois 2004 ($18 SAQ - Canada, $11 - USA)

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