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10 March 2006

Least Palatable Wine Words

Unappetizing_1 Taking a cue from Maggie's list of unfortunately named grapes, I've begun to work up a list of what I consider to be the least palatable wine words

Gyropalette - A mechanical metal crate, which holds dozens of 'traditionally made' sparkling wine bottles.  It is the automated answer to riddling.  Commonly used in the production of Spanish sparkling wine, or Cava as it's called.  This makes bubbly seem much less romantic.  However, I loves me some $10 sparkly

Bung - It sounds so..Beavis & Butthead (heh ehh ehh).  But the bung serves a vital function in the ageing/maturation process:  It is inserted into the bung-hole..  The definition from the Oxford Companion is priceless:

"..If a barrel is stored so that the bung is at its highest point, this position is called bung-up and the bung may be left so that gas can escape from the bung-hole." 

I am Bungholio! Do you have teepee for my....never mind.

Flabby - It is my understanding that this word is used to describe wine that is lacking in acidity, and thus feels heavy & lazy in the mouth.  This term is indeed apt for superfruity, high-alcohol wines.  Yet the visual that the term 'flabby' creates is certainly unappetizing.

What wine words do you consider unpalatable?


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I'm sure if Huge was still around, he'd say "barnyard"...

I prefer to use 'pastoral' rather than 'barnyard.' It's much more pleasant.

Although, I still get a touch of the ewwwwws when I hear Mourvedre described as 'Butcher Shop.'

Of course you know this but perhaps forgot. You should have talked to Bussi. She would have reminded you that "cat piss" is a legitimate descriptor for French Sav blanc. whites. However, as I mentioned before. Cats don't want much to do with wine.

I love the term "flabby". It's just loaded enough to express one's distaste at under-acidic wines made from over-ripe grapes. The image it should conjure is that of a 300 pound pasty white guy with greying hair in swim trunks on the beach.

I've heard bandaids and hairspray useds as aroma descriptors. Neither is terribly appealing.

.."The image
it should conjure is that of a 300 pound pasty white guy with greying
hair in swim trunks on the beach." ..walking around in black socks and sandals!

Yes, the term 'bandaids' always conjures up images of used bandaids in my mind. Not appealing at all.

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