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07 March 2006

New Music Tuesday: Jukebox 45's

Pbwolf_1 I ran across this album on emusic and downloaded it immediately.  Jukebox 45's is a compilation of abstract hip-hop, bizarre 70s funk, acid rock and breakbeat by DJ Peanut Butter Wolf.  The oddest and most enjoyable track is "My 2600" an old school Atari game cartridge shout-out (!!) laid over smoove groovy funk by 'Captain Funkaho.' Have a listen: Download 13824243.m3u.  Preview all the tracks here.

Huguetcava This album puts me in the mood for some solid bubbly.  Groove to it with a Cava by Can Feixes (imported into the US by Classical Wines): Huguet Gran Reserva Cava Brut Nature 2001 ($24).  This wine is more complex than most non-Champagne bubbly.  It's also Sahara-desert-in-a-bottle dry ('Brut Nature' indicates no dosage was added).  Huguet Cava will literally get your juices flowing (at least in your mouth anyway) while you let this PB Wolf album seep into your head.



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Peanut Butter Wolf is great; you should check out DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist on either Brain Freeze or Product Placement.

Try the 2001 Can Feixes Red! It is smokin'! Decant it for a few hours.

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